Where does Milton Development draw its inspiration for its kitchen designs?

Aug 27, 2017

Nothing makes a home look outdated like a kitchen design stuck in the past. So when we think of kitchens at Milton Development, our goal is to make them timeless. Your kitchen design should be as relevant in 20 years as it is today. Most importantly, we work very hard to make sure YOU will still love your kitchen in 20 years.

We’ve been inspired by everything from European villas to remote farmhouses, and we like to incorporate the most appealing elements into our homes and, particularly, our kitchens. Our primary inspiration for each build comes from the client. The designers at Milton take the time to understand the needs and unique tastes of the homeowner. We blend those requirements with purposeful modern touches, expert craftsmanship, and creative finesse. The end result is more than a kitchen – we end up with timeless, functional hearts of our homes!

If a modern yet timeless, unique yet inspired kitchen is part of your dream home, you may be inclined to consider a custom built home. To learn more about building a custom home, or for general inquiries, contact Milton Development at 403-441-8385 or fill out the form at miltondevelopment.com.

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